Five Fast Facts About the Lexus RC F


1.What does RC F stand for?

The RC stands for “Racing Coupe.” As for the F? Well, the short story is that it stands for “Fuji Raceway.” It’s an homage to the place where Lexus has spent countless hours perfecting driving pleasure and effectively creating a driving experience unlike any other. You’ll also see this reflected in the Lexus IS F or any F SPORT trim vehicle.


2. How much will the Lexus RC F cost?

The Lexus RC F price has not been confirmed, but estimates are hovering just north of $100,000. Or, for the same amount, you could purchase approximately two and a half of the base RC models.


3.  What are the Torque Vectoring Differential and Sports Direct Shift Transmission?


The RC F uses a Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD), a first in a Lexus, to increase driving performance. There are three operated modes for the TVD: (1) Standard for a balance of nimble performance and stability (2) Slalom for emphasis on nimble steering response, and (3) Track to help with consistent stability, ensuring the vehicle stays on the intended corning line as the driver applies more throttle.

The RC F’s Eight-speed Sports Direct Shift transmission will have three modes: Normal, Sport, and Snow. But with the aerodynamic contours on the body of this vehicle, it wouldn’t be surprising to if the car could switch it into Rarefied Air mode and launch into space.

4. What does the dashboard display look like?

In short: awesome. With the gorgeous LFA-inspired dash, you might have a hard time keeping your eyes on the road. The swiping screen display can show you lap speed, torque distribution, driving mode, G monitoring, and more, and this display and other features in the vehicle are controlled by a revolutionary touchpad remote interface.  Watch the gauges in action:


5. What’s the big deal about the carbon fiber package for the RC F?

Carbon fiber is a super strong material that’s also extremely lightweight – 60% lighter than steel—and performs just as well as steel in crash tests. Why aren’t all cars made from carbon fiber? Because steel is to one dollar as carbon fiber is to ten dollars. If the price goes down (and it has gone down significantly since carbon fiber was first produced), carbon fiber packages could be an option  on many more vehicles.


There you have it! If you have any questions about the RC F or any of the other Lexus vehicles, feel free to contact Mungenast Lexus of St. Louis through this blog or our Facebook page. Thanks for reading!


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