Toyota Tie-Up with BMW to Yield New Lexus Offspring?


Although speculation surrounding Toyota’s announcement to collaborate with BMW on a future, “sport-oriented” model have long been on the back burner, the rumors are back.  Although we can’t cite a credible source for what we’re about to tell you, it’s still fun to think about.  Again, full disclosure – Nothing has been confirmed.

Some suggest that while originally Toyota/BMW intended to create a sporty, two-door somethingorother with the intention of creating something luxurious, sporty, and efficient.  Between Toyota’s domination on the hybrid market and BMW’s EfficientDynamics program, the efficiency is down pat – little to no further development needed, but what shape would this proposed vehicle possibly take?  It gets even better.

Now, the internet is aflutter with rumors that the German/Japanese crossbreed could be not only branded as a Lexus, but would take the form of a small roadster, which would compete in the same class as the Mercedes Benz SLK, Porsche Boxter, BMW Z4 (seems counter-productive), and Audi TT.  Since Toyota already produces a vehicle that’s about the same size as those, the Scion FR-S, it seems logical that they’d chop the top off,  give the car a turbocharged BMW powertrain, put a Lexus badge on it and call it a day.  While the notion of such a thing could make brand loyalists stomachs turn, it wouldn’t be a half-bad idea.

Akio Toyoda acknowledges that Lexus’ sales success comes from mass appeal of each model in the lineup, but at the same time, cars that make people say “I want that!” can be a very valuable asset to brand awareness and may land some conquest buyers who may not have considered Lexus in the past.  The fact that a smaller roadster would actually sell in low numbers would matter if he had another corporate partner to help bear the brunt of selling the car at a loss.  However, if it’s priced right and pushes the right buttons with consumers, such a model could become quite successful, even if it were produced in lower numbers.

SC revival?  Doubtful this is it, but we’ll know in time.

Source – KaizenFactor

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