Lexus Plays ‘Musical Chairs’ in Preparation for New Model


Lexus recently announced its plans to shift ES production from their Kyushu plant to TMMK here in the U.S., but what does that leave production room for?  If you were not aware, the ES is specific to North America and it is not sold globally – it also happens to share a platform with another USDM ToMoCo model – the Avalon.  Interestingly enough, only the V6 model will be produced stateside while hybrid model production will supposedly be kept in Japan, but for good reason: According to recent reports, Lexus executives have gone on record saying that the next model Lexus is planning to unveil will be a small CUV, based on a platform to be shared with the Toyota RAV4.

However, as interesting and exciting this news is, Toyota produces the RAV4 in their Tahara manufacturing facility alongside the Lexus LS, GS, IS, IS F, GX, in addition to other various Toyota vehicles and engines.  Remember, the production of the ES is being moved from Kyushu, not Tahara… So, we can we can infer that maybe Toyota had planned to produce the new model in Tahara, which still leaves a production void at Kyushu, so what’s really going to happen?

We might gain insight from even more recent information from Lexus regarding their interest in producing a new premium coupe model, which may slot somewhere in between (or alongside either) the IS and GS sedans, or above the LS as a more attainable ‘halo’ car for the brand.  At this point, everything is speculation, but from what Lexus is publically saying about their production shifts, we’re only left to assume that there’s room for two new models, not just one – no matter where they build them.

Source: Automotive News

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