Details – A Closer Look at the Lexus RC


According to Shakespeare, “The eyes are the windows of the soul”. We don’t dispute this. In fact, when you consider how dynamic the Lexus RC looks from the front, the headlights are this car’s ‘eyes’.  Look at them long enough, you will start to see the car’s soul emerge.  Furthermore, the story doesn’t just end with the headlights. It’s only the beginning. Let’s explore how Lexus designers used light to add another dimension of character to make the design of the RC truly amazing.

Front Lighting:

The view from here is breathtaking. Really, every angle of the RC is, but it’s most striking from the front. It has the widest, most aggressive interpretation of the Spindle Grille yet.  There’s a lot of LF-LC in here for sure, but let’s dig deeper here. To date, most Lexus models that feature LED headlamps (as in full-LED, not HID) use a dual-projector design with circular lenses. The RC features LED headlamps with three large, rhombus-shaped projectors that have L-shaped LED light pipes.  Those L-shaped LED light pipes perform the RC’s “Low Beam” setting.  When “High Beams” are selected, the main LED projectors are activated (no further information has been given regarding any active high-beam feature, such as one that automatically detects and cuts light around oncoming vehicles).  Here’s the sequence of the headlamps and DRLs being powered all the way on:


Also note the placement of the front turn signal, and how the DRL remains fully illuminated when the turn signal is engaged:


Those aren’t the only lights to speak of when the vehicle’s entire front profile is visible in its entirety.  Note the placement of the LED fog lights – they’re integrated directly into the Spindle Grille assembly itself:

And a closer look:


What remains to be seen is a version of the RC that does not have fog lights or LED headlamps. For all we know (which is nothing, because Lexus hasn’t come out and said anything regarding the specifics of the car), these features are optional, although they could be standard. Nobody knows for sure.

Rear Lighting:

Around back, the RC sports some very elegant combination taillights.  Just like we’ve begun to see across other models in the lineup, like the LS and IS, Lexus is heavily incorporating L-shaped LED patterns into their rear lights too. From the looks of them, it appears that every bulb in the taillights, just like the headlights, is an LED bulb.  In succession, here are the rear combination lamps in action:

And from the side, note the integrated mirror LED turn signal indicator:


Interior Lighting:

Those inside the RC will bask in a cocoon of pure, unadulterated luxury that only Lexus could create.  From Shimamoku wood inlays (which take 38 days to make) and precise hand stitching on the doors and seats, to the genuine leather seats and brushed aluminium accents, the RC is as nice as it gets in the luxury sports coupe category.  What really sets it apart is the inclusion of  mood lighting that is incorporated into the door panels:


While the mood lighting may not be for everyone, the intricate contrast stitching is remarkable. Also note the large speaker grille, suggesting that the RC’s available Mark Levinson audio system may indeed use more powerful drivers on the side channels.

As always, we pledge to keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

Photo Credit: Car Press (Japan)


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