Svelte LF-LC Concept Steals NAIAS In Detroit

Day one of the 2012 Detroit NAIAS was chock full of new products, from compact run-abouts to outlandishly wacky concepts designed to capture the hearts of millennials.  However, there was one debut that stood head-and-shoulders above the rest – the LF-LC Concept from Lexus.  Quite arguably the most highly anticipated debut of the show, despite numerous media snafus leaking valuable intellectual property, the LF-LC wowed show-goers with svelte, sexy lines inside and out that we’ve not seen since the debut of the LFA supercar a couple years back.

The design of the LF-LC really speaks for itself, and serves as a glimpse into the design language for future Lexus products to come.  This concept represents a new phase in the Lexus brand strategy – to provide emotional and inspirational products beginning with the new Lexus GS, which will go on sale in just a few weeks from now.  As any seasoned driver knows, speed alone doesn’t drive emotion.  Speed will obviously evoke an emotional response (especially with the boys in blue on your tail), but a vehicle that you can connect with while it’s standing still – that’s something that Lexus hasn’t been able to do consistently.  But that’s about to change.

Another way the LF-LC solidifies itself as a pure design study by its interior – there’s wood and leather for miles, and miles more of hand-stitched perfection throughout.  But you have to wonder what sparked the lunacy behind mounting not one, but two 12.3-inch display panels controlled by an out-of-this-world multi-touch keypad third display.  While it’s a technophile’s dream, it’s blatantly impractical – yet beautifully executed.

Power is delivered by – well – hopes and dreams, as Lexus never actually said much about what motivates this rolling, red sculpture.  It’s up to you to decide what you think it might be.  In the immortal words of Bob Ross, “It’s your world.”

While the LF-LC is purely a show car in every sense, it gives us a hint at what Lexus may have up its silk sleeves for us in the near future.  An LFA spyder?  Not likely, but not out of the question entirely.  An SC comeback?  Maybe – but with more class and exclusivity.  Check out our high-resolution gallery for wallpaper-sized images below.

CREDIT:  Lexus USA Newsroom

IMAGE CREDIT:  Lexus USA Newsroom

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