Have You Experienced The Darker Side Of Green?

Believe me when I say that not every hybrid driver likes dull, mundane cars.  In fact, many hybrid drivers used to drive sports cars, and Lexus understands this very well.  At first, people didn’t really know how to react to the words “sporty” and “hybrid” being used in the same sentence, but now that the CT200h has been around for the past year-and-a-half, people are finally starting to come around.  Secondly, not everyone who wants a hybrid wants to drive a sedan or SUV.  The CT200h more or less has created the luxury hybrid hatchback category and doesn’t have any other competition except from other cars that run on gas-only or on diesel.

So, what’s great about the CT, you ask?  Well, everything.  When the CT200h first debuted in Geneva back in 2010, it ushered in a brand new design direction for Lexus, and even brought over some styling queues from the LFA supercar (notably, the steering wheel design).  Up front, the CT boasts very angular styling that includes what looks like an early version of Lexus’ new prominent “spindle grille” highlighted with available LED headlights on either side, atop a large center intake duct on the lower half of the bumper.  Either side of the car is flanked with a very strong character line that starts towards the lower end of the front wheel well, and continues along the bottom and back up slightly as it ends towards the rear wheel well, highlighting a very stylish “hybrid” badge on either rear door.  Also notable is the CT’s unique shoulder line that graces the vehicle’s side from just behind the headlights, and reaches towards the back of the vehicle and makes a smooth, upward turn to form the lower rear corner of each rear passenger window.  Out back, the CT has a sleek profile with a slim rear window (don’t worry, visibility wasn’t a problem when I drove it) with a nice rear spoiler up top, but the real treat might just be those LED taillights.  Not only do they look great, but LEDs are safer because they improve driver reaction time for the people driving behind you.

Inside, the CT comes standard with Lexus’ revolutionary NuLuxe material, which you’ll swear feels like some of the smoothest leather you’ve felt, and it’s very comfortable as well as luxurious.  However, if it’s real leather that you want, it’s real leather that you can have, if you so desire – Lexus has made it available as an option on the CT200h.  When you first sit down in the CT, you are surrounded by a very premium cabin – to an extent that the CT’s competition cannot closely compare.  What I personally find most striking is the CT’s steering wheel – it’s practically ripped right off the LFA and it feels so good in your hands.   As a driver, one of the most important things is the way that the steering wheel feels, whether it is soft, hard, too grippy, too slippy, etc.  The steering feedback was also better than I expected.  Oftentimes electrically-assisted power steering doesn’t provide the best feedback, but the Lexus CT is definitely an exception to the rule.  And with the innovative Drive Mode Select, you can choose between full EV mode, Eco mode, Normal mode, and Sport mode – the latter of which sharpens up steering response and increases battery output for maximum performance.

The CT is available in a wide array of color and option package combinations, so you know we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for.  Come down to Mungenast Lexus of St. Louis for yourself and experience the Darker Side of Green!  Oh, and we’re on Instagram now, in addition to Twitter.  We can be found on either site, as our handle is @MungenastLexus on both (so please follow us).

Source – Lexus

Image Credit – Lexus USA Newsroom

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