2012 RX 450h – The Cure For The Common Crossover

The Earth has a funny way of saying “I told you so.”  As everyone knows, almost all vehicles have used petroleum in some form or another for the past hundred years, and for the foreseeable future, not too many people expect that to change, but we’re at a crossroads.  Now that we’ve implemented hybrid technology, we’ve begun the process of reducing our dependence on foreign oil.  Have you ever thought about the materials that go into hybrid battery components, and where they come from?  95% of all the rare earth produced comes from China, and while China aims to reduce the amount that they mine, refine, and export, Japan is valiantly attempting to slash their consumption of it.  Specifically, we’re talking about dysprosium, a rare earth metal widely used in electronics and hybrid vehicles.  While some magnet making companies have turned to recycling techniques, Toyota has developed a way to produce high quality hybrid vehicle components without using dysprosium a material traditionally used in magnet making.

So really, vehicles like the Lexus RX 450h help everyone solve both problems at once – less fuel from the Middle East, and no Chinese-sourced dysprosium – an eco-friendly solution packaged as the best-selling luxury crossover in America.  So, let’s talk about the RX for a minute – introduced in 1998, Lexus invented the crossover category with it, and since then, it’s been the benchmark for what a luxury crossover/SUV is meant to be.  It’s spacious and luxurious, and most importantly, very efficient for a vehicle in its class, offering up to 32mpg (city), not to mention the RX is produced right here in North America.

Now in its third generation, the RX is more stylish and luxurious than ever, and comes packed with more technology that the discerning folk prefer.  The Lexus Enform system provides a useful and easy to use interface for telemetry, and includes navigation, XM radio, iPod/iPhone integration, Bluetooth hands-free/audio, etc. – all at your fingertips with the innovative Lexus Remote Touch controller.

Driving the RX is pure pleasure, in every sense of the phrase.  It’s incredibly well composed on every type of paved surface you can take it on (and some that aren’t), and what’s really interesting is that Lexus somehow managed to get rid of all the usual blind spots that plague SUV drivers.  The visibility out of the RX is wonderful, not to mention that it comes available with Heads-Up Display with navigation integration.  You’ll also find that the RX has plenty of storage, and it also has a unique flat floor all the way across the back row, as opposed to the usual “hump” you’ll typically find in other comparable vehicles.

In keeping with our theme of reducing the amount of precious resources we consume, feel free to view or download the eBrochure for the 2012 Lexus RX by clicking here.  As always, please browse our high-resolution photo gallery below, featuring the gorgeous 2012 Lexus RX 450h.

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