2012 Lexus HS250h – Distinctive Luxury Without Compromise

2012 Lexus HS250h

A few years back when Lexus announced their plans to introduce the world’s first dedicated-hybrid luxury vehicle, they were met with some criticism about it because there wasn’t anything inherently sporty or luxurious about Toyota’s other dedicated hybrid, the Prius.  Although that’s a fine and good argument, Lexus knew that there was a place in the market for dedicated hybrid vehicles because of the Prius’ overwhelming success over the past decade or so.  As promised, work began on the Lexus HS250h.

Anyone who knows the Lexus brand recognizes the vehicle nomenclature as derived from a specific model’s engine displacement (with a few exceptions).  One of the biggest misconceptions about the HS is that it’s powered by the same motor in the Toyota Prius – which is actually untrue.  For more power, needed to pull the added weight of the HS (as compared to the Prius) – Lexus used the 2.4L inline four that’s found in the larger Toyota Camry hybrid.  The Lexus Hybrid Drive system found in the HS makes a combined 187hp on 87-octane and it pulls the 3700-lb. HS from 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds – not bad for a hybrid.

The HS250h welcomes its occupants into a very luxurious and technology-laden interior environment highlighted with supple leather, real wood, and soft-touch materials — and environmentally friendly materials abound.  Even the leather seats are embedded with castor oil to improve recyclability.  Some of the notable features on the HS include an available Heads-Up-Display, Lexus Enform (with Navigation), Lane Keep Assist, Wide View Front Monitor (lets you see 190° in front of you at blind intersections), and an uncompromising Mark Levinson audio system.

No doubt though, the Lexus HS is still a dedicated hybrid vehicle.  As such, everyone (including us) tends to compare it to the Prius in one way or another – but let me tell you, once you drive it – you’ll realize that it’s very different from any other hybrid you’ve driven.  No other hybrid pampers you with so much luxury.  It’s more fairly compared to the larger ES than the Prius.  It’s literally the best of both worlds.  Sure, it doesn’t get the same fuel economy as the Prius, but it’s not meant to.  Imagine it as a more fuel efficient alternative to an ES350.  Come see the HS250h for yourself at our showroom located at 13700 Manchester Rd. in Manchester, MO today.  Until then, browse our high-resolution gallery and share some of these wallpaper-sized pics with your friends.


IMAGE CREDIT – Lexus Newsroom

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